Everyone has a superhero dream in their hearts,and the superhero movies have created a variety of superheroes to satisfy all the illusions about them.Batman,one of the classic characters of a superhero,is popular for his good looks and superb fighting skills.

The interpretation of anime characters is a very exciting and challenging thing.Not everyone can show off a person who has a very different situation from himself and even does not exist in daily life.

If you want to Cosplay Batman,first you need to know what kind of person he is.

Batman’s name is Bruce Wayne.It is a superhero of the American DC comics. He debuted in the 27th issue of Detective Manga, created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. The first superhero in the history of comics without super powers.Bruce Wayne was born in the Wayne family, one of the four major families in Gotham. One night, my parents took the young Bruce to watch the movie “Zorro” and went home. When they passed a path, they were robbed by gangsters. The gangster brutally killed his parents in the face of Bruce.

    Since then, Bruce has had a strong desire to eradicate sin by himself. In order to prevent others from suffering the same tragedy as himself, Bruce has traveled all over the world for decades with his talents and visited the top or the legendary of the East and West. Fighting masters, learning martial arts fighting techniques.
    After returning to the United States, he used strong financial resources to manufacture various high-tech equipment. Later in the day, he was the rich second generation and playboy in the eyes of others; at night, he was the dark knight who made the criminals stunned – Batman Cosplay Costumes.

Batman Cosplay Costumes


Let’s just say the mask is the most striking feature of Batman.We’re out of stock for the time being,but it doesn’t matter.You can still buy quality clothes at our store and then buy matching masks at other stores.

Tops and pants

The tops and trousers are the same dark gray,showing overall harmony.With a huge black bat on his chest,showing his identity.


The Cloak is also one of the characteristics of Batman.It is made of PU leather and is not easily scratched and is black in color because the bat’s wings are black.In addition,the cloak must be large.While Batman can fly up,it is also an important tool to improve the air field.Check out our store links.

A belt,a purse

The belt is used to store the pocket, and the pocket is used to equip the weapon.You need to make sure that the texture of your belt is not too cheap.

Gloves and boots

Both use leather,and the color is a unified black and gold color,low-key and luxurious.Boots,while ensuring that they are gorgeous and comfortable,can not be ignored.You need to wear them to complete your day’s perfect show.

It would be great if you had learned some fighting skills,you would have a bigger surprise for the whole outfit,and you would be able to show what you’ve learned at the exhibition,which must be a great experience!